Hormone Harmony Homeopathic
Hormone Harmony Homeopathic

Hormone Harmony Homeopathic

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Hormones are powerful chemical messengers responsible for directing the body. Their influence impacts everything from mood to metabolism, to reproduction and the hormone status plays a key role in overall health and managing disease risk. Stress, external toxins, diet, and lifestyle can all impair hormone balance. In both men and women, maintaining synergy between all the major hormonal players is a key factor in total health.

Hormone imbalance is defined as either too much or too little of a certain hormone and even the slightest disruption can have drastic effects. Hormone Harmony contains homeopathic dilutions of all the major adrenal hormones and temporarily relieves symptoms often associated with hormone imbalance, such as low energy, inability to handle stress, mood swings, metabolism, irregular menstrual cycles, and decreased libido.

While when working with a practitioner, one can often look to raise or manage single hormones, such as cortisol, progesterone, or testosterone, it is important to remember that hormones have complex metabolic relationships that are either permissive, synergistic, or antagonistic. Focusing on one individual hormone results in a failure to recognize the impact of this counterbalance. For example, the pregnenolone shunt is an HPA axis phenomenon that occurs when the body is under stress. The body “steals” pregnenolone in order to produce additional cortisol, resulting in low levels of several other hormones. Managing this as just an excess of cortisol or as a deficiency of another hormone would be insufficient to address the entire picture. Likewise, cortisol can be antagonistic to insulin, so focusing on cortisol alone could have detrimental effects on blood sugar management.

An optimal hormone support program takes into account the relationships between hormones as well as the natural fluctuations that are seen hour to hour, day to day, and year to year.


Salsolinol (6X 12X 30X 200X), DHEA (6X 12X 30X 200X 12C 30C 60C 200C), 7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone-3ß-acetate (8X 12X 30X 60X 200X 12C 30C 60C 200C), Cholesterinum (8X 12X 30X 200X 12C 30C 60C 200C), Folliculinum (8X 12X 30X 60X 200X 12C 30C 60C 200C), Oophorinum (8X 12X 30X 60X 200X 12C 30C 60C 200C), Progesterone (8X 12X 30X 200X 12C 30C 60C 200C), Testosterone (8X 12X 30X 200X 12C 30C 60C 200C), Cortsone Acetcum (12X 30X 200X 12C 30C 60C 200C), Aldosterone (12C 30C 60C 200C), Androsterone (12C 30C 60C 200C), Follicle Stimulating Hormone (12C 30C 60C 200C)

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