Gluten Assurance
Gluten Assurance
Gluten Assurance

Gluten Assurance

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Gluten is often added to foods as a thickener, binder, flavor enhancer, and protein supplement. In addition to obvious sources such as bread, crackers, other baked goods, and pasta, gluten can also be found in food colorings, candy, pudding, marshmallows, flavored teas or coffee, grain alcohol (such as beer, ale, rye, scotch, and vodka), gravy, imitation meats, processed meats, salad dressing, seasoning packets, soups, soy sauce, and dietary supplements.

Gluten Assurance is a powerful formula uniquely designed with proprietary blends of enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics to break down gluten proteins by targeting both internal and external peptide bonds.  Gluten Assurance goes beyond the traditional DPPIV enzyme, offering superior degradation of gluten proteins by breaking down unhydrolyzed gluten peptides. 

Additionally, the highly specialized prebiotic, PreForPro® is unique in supporting the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in both the small and large intestines.  This plays a critical role in breaking down gluten and other proteins to promote a healthy intestinal tract.

When it comes to food sensitivities, you need more than an enzyme that claims to break them down. You need one that is proven to break down 99% of gluten (and 7 other major antigens) within 90 minutes, BEFORE the damage is done... PLUS enough probiotics and prebiotics to re-fertilize a healthy gut! 

Did you know that one of the most invasive toxins may be on your dinner table every day? Yes. It’s from GMO corn, called Bacillus Thuringiensis. (And corn products are in a LOT of our food.) But, Gluten Assurance protects you from the BT Toxins. 

Gluten Assurance is a unique digestive enzyme that breaks down 99% accidental exposure to gluten dairy, soy, nuts, fish, pea, hemp and egg and breaks down 64% of BT Toxins in GMO corn within 90 minutes. (And GMO corn makes up over 90% of our corn crop. And... it’s everywhere.)

With Gluten Assurance, your life is about to change. Just one capsule before every meal helps:

  • Support complete pulverization of gluten proteins*
  • Support normal digestive function*
  • Promote proper immune response to gluten proteins*
  • Promote optimal health by supporting normal gut microflora*
  • Support the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the gut and inhibit other bacteria*
  • Support the destruction of BT Toxins*

NOTE: There are a lot of gluten digesting products out there, but they can take 3 hours, 6 hours, or more to work, and thus, do not stop the inflammation that develops from the exposure.


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